A touch of clutch


Four days from now I am attending a highly exclusive party. So I've set my mind on that perfect sexy outfit, a little black sheer dress over my shimmering Bordelle lingerie. And my legs will be embellished with a pair of stockings. But where was I going to put a spare pair of stockings or thong for that matter? After all, you never know what a night like that will bring...

I need a clutch!

An elegant little bag that would also add a tiny bit of extra glitz to myself and my outfit. I searched online for hours, poured myself an uplifting glass of bubbles, held my glass up to my lips and there it was!

My eyes fell on a few very edgy beauties by Alexander McQueen. For this occasion, I went for the slightly simpler version of this theatrical and opulent designed knuckle ring clutch. Beautiful black silky satin on the outside and of course a signature knuckleduster top handle with gold-tones. I just love the ring feature! This clutch is an alluring functional jewel, if you ask me.

Alexander McQueen, I will clutch and caress you with lots of pleasure...

1. Alexander McQueen Satin Four Ring Clutch €1295,- 2. Louboutin So Kate Patent Pump €575,- 3. Murmur Shade Dress Long €259,- 4. Bordelle Bodice Longline Bra €329,- 5. Bordelle Harness Thong €89,-