Almighty aphrodi...siac


We talked about Aphrodite for a bitty there, with more than just informative reason...
Because there is a word derived from the goddess of beauty, sexuality, love, pleasure and procreation...
There is a most delicious word derived from Aphrodite.

And of course that word is, Aphrodisiac.

With Valentine's day lurking and of course wanting to be well prepared for a possible steamy night with your lover in the boudoir, here's a little delectable aphrodisiac to serve up:


And yep, we all know that Oysters are a divinely delicious aphrodisiac, but why?
Why are Oysters so potent for a lust-filled night ahead?

Well, it comes down to the fact that oysters contain hormone-inducing amino acids.
Actually, one of the motivations to investigate this ambrosia of the sea further is Casanova.
Casanova, the 18th century lover who used to breakfast on 50 oysters, has been vindicated by a study that proves they really are aphrodisiacs.

So, a team of American and Italian researchers analysed bivalve molluscs - a group of shellfish that includes oysters - and found they were very high in rare amino acids that trigger increased levels of sex hormones.
Oysters contain dopamine, which increases both sexual desire and testosterone levels.
And furthermore, they're also rich in zinc, which is necessary for proper sexual function in men and helps semen production.
Another glorious added benefit; zinc increases vaginal lubrication.
And this is just a snippet of the scientific benefits of the oyster!

So for some sexcellent motion in the ocean, serve these pearl-bearing beauties to your lover, preferably raw and revel in a ravishing, raunchy night...all night...

The world is your (lovers') oyster!


Images: Pleasurements-Bracli pearl lingerie & pinterest