Aphrodite...Goddess of love, beauty, sexuality and fertility...
According to one of the greek myths, she was born from the silver foam of the sea.
Her father?
Only the king of gods, Uranus!

How did it happen?
Because some of Uranus' blooddrops sprinkled on the waves of the sea...
Why Uranus was bleeding?
Wèèèl...-this is not so nice-...Because his son, Kronos, castrated him with a diamant encrusted sickle...yikes!
Anyways, in this manner he actually helped to create the most beautiful, sexy, fertile woman of the world, Aphrodite.
Amiability and ambrosial sweetness lay upon her smiling face and over her entire being.
And thus she got the name Aphrodite, "the foam-born"...

When she left the sea and walked the land, where ever almighty, gorgeous Aphrodite appeared, barren land would turn into blooming fields with every step she took...
Seas of flowers, budding and blossoming right from under her dainty feet...
The whole earth cheered with heavenly delight.
So fertile, so divinely sexy...

Ah! Almighty Aphrodite


Image: Pinterest

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