Hmmm, Fascinating! Very, very fascinating and hopefully you think so too... When you grab yourself a wee holiday to the mighty wonderful Hawaii, there might just be a few fun facts to pack in your suitcase.

The absolute beauty of the islands, the warm, friendly welcome, lovely climate, more then plenty exquisite beaches, awesomely relaxed... And then you start reading a few juicy facts about the Hawaiians, with all their beautiful rituals, their alluring dances where every move is full of symbolism...and then you read on... You dive right into the history of these gorgeous people and read about their open minded-nes about sex for example... Yep, they are!

Did you know they name their genitals? The naming of the private parts happens at birth. Nowadays a lot of people name their vulva or their shaft, usually quite humorously too, but not with the underlying thought or symbolism as with the Hawaiians...usually anyway. Maybe we got this idea from the Hawaiians...right...?

The thing that's different, is that the Hawaiians actually chant about it too. Genitalia are worshiped, as they believe that they possess 'mana', in other words 'spiritual power' or better, 'life-force'. Not all that strange actually, because afterall they, the genitals, play a huge part in creating life...

And with this information in the back of your mind, it's also not that strange that throughout the Hawaiian islands, there're these rocks and stones, shaped to look like male and female genitals. They were and still are used as totems to enhance fertility and sexual prowess...

Fabulously fascinating! Just fascinating!


Images: Pinterest

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