Springtime! Oh thank goodness you're finally here!
Birds are back and tsjirping their song, bees are buzzing and the spring jitters are bursting out of our bodies, with a sexy smile…
Falling in love with everything, preparing ourselves for a roll in the lush green grass perhaps…
It's nature & in our nature I guess.

Nature, flora and fauna, are all procreating and we might be very erotically creative in that area too, that's what spring is all about…
And the urge and the trend of creating an "urban jungle" in your home might be on your mind too.

Get green fingered and indulge in gathering some hot, cool plants around your home, also for cleaner air and a more relaxed feeling in the house.
Of course they will be at their handsomest or prettiest in beautiful designer pots that will add to your home's design and style aesthetic.
Some plants are easy to get cuttings, make root divisions or have pups from, to procreate even more greens in your house.
Plants like The Spider Ivy ( latin name: Chlorophytum comosum) or the Chinese Moneyplant ( latin name: Pilea Peperomioides) are such 'floozies'.

Spring time stands for sexiness, to spawn, nature and botanical lust…


Images: Pinterest

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