Take it slow


An Erotic Story By M.

We don't go out often these weeks. No parties, no dinners, no long nights in the city. We have plenty of time to make it extra cozy at home, to experiment, to find that new degree of excitement.
We have all the time to spend together. For slow sex.

Fortunately, my favorite webshop is just at my fingertips. I spent half an afternoon with my tablet on my lap, checking out all those wonderfully exciting, tasteful lingerie, the body jewels, the soft SM items…I spend an outrageous amount of money - but for the time being, there's not that much else to spend it on anyway. The next day I received everything I had selected.

The Sirena lingerie set by Studio PIA is beautiful: a sophisticated bra with half cups, a sexy thong, briefs, all in green silk. And a matching high suspender belt. The edge of the cups of the bra end just below my nipples, giving my natural breasts a lovely lift. Tonight, I will not go for the matching strings, but tonight I will wear the pearl thong by Sylvie Monthulé. There are five loosely dangling pearls on the string, an exciting feeling, slightly stimulating when I move. The suspenders go perfect with my thin, almost invisible nylon stockings. My stiletto-heels are uncomfortably high, but I don't have to go anywhere tonight. The New Jersey bolero by Patrice Catanzaro completes the chic and dressed look, partly covering my breasts, showing just enough to trigger your imagination. And I have one last, rather thrilling secret: the Slow Sex Mouthwatering Spray. I wonder how we will like that later. How you will like it.

When I enter the living room, I just catch you filling up a wineglass. You look up, in amazement, delighted. Your gaze glides up my shiny legs, admiring my soft bosom, half covered by the transparent bolero. You notice the striking pearl thong, my nearly nude lower body. Only then will you look me in the eye.

Soft soulful music fills the room, the velvet voice of Billie Holiday. Slowly we dance, close, our bodies melting together. I feel a hand on my naked buttock. I smell your fragrance, feel the warmth of your skin. I patiently help you out of your shirt, button by button, then your jeans. Slowly I push your tight boxer down over your buttocks. I very slowly free your manhood and I see that you're already aroused. Aroused for me.

I push you back on the couch and stand in front of you, high on my stiletto heels. First I slowly take off the bolero. You admire my breasts, round and full. My fingertips hook behind the edges of the half cups of my bra; I gently pull them down, bend forward and let my breasts slide out. I let my bosom drop down, wonderfully full and heavy. You bend towards me, kiss my breasts, taste, caress them with your lips and tongue. Gentle bites. Feels my softness with both hands. Enjoying. Slowly.

I sit next to you, grab the little bottle of Mouthwatering Spray that inconspicuously sits on the floor next to the couch, and spray three times into my open mouth. As I look at you, at your hard naked body, I feel my mouth watering. I bend over, take you in my mouth, you are so hard, so big; my mouth and tongue so slippery and moist. I take ample time to spoil you. I can hear and see that you are thoroughly enjoying it, all your muscles are tensed up, your body squirms. Everything feels smooth and wet and delicious, you're so aroused. But I don't want you to come just yet, I pause and let you take a breath.

I lie back and slowly spread my long legs. I feel the pearl thong, which is subtly stimulating my naked femininity. It further intensifies my excitement. Your hands glide over my smooth stockings, following the smooth lines of my long legs up to my hips. Your fingers play with the loose pearls hanging from my thong, sending delectable tingling shockwaves throughout my body.

I see your handsome erect penis, feel it against my cold leg. Slowly it slides on. You tease me down there, softly touching me. I help you, pull the pearl string aside with one hand for your compelling masculinity. Slowly I feel you push in me, your whole body curves over me, powerful, animalistic. I put my hands on your round hard buttocks, feel them tighten, feel you taking possession of my lower body with a long thrust, fully, deep and big and hard. We do it slowly, patiently. Take the time to enjoy one another. Together we make sure that it takes a deliciously long time. Keeping the climax at bay for a while longer, and again, until we look at each other and finally surrender to it, we let utter pleasure wash over us, pulsating, in waves, almost soundless, deep and elongated.

We're lying next to each other on the couch, after-glowing. Our heartbeat has dropped, but our lust hasn't yet. Teasingly, I caress your member, much softer now, but soon I feel your body reacting again. Suddenly you have the spray in your hand, you look at me. I open my mouth and feel the tingling fluid on my tongue again.


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