~Christmas Kisses~

Christmas is a great time of the year, without any lack of expressions of love, coziness, great food, ambrosial drinks with (all) the one(s) you love…
Gifts, warmth, smiles, hugs and of course Christmas kisses!
We kiss…
A kiss to thank someone for a gift or just because you fancy the pants off them.
Anyway, at Christmas, there are enough reasons to pucker up those lush lips!
And of course not only if you happen to find yourself under the legendary Mistletoe…

~The mystery of the Mistletoe, where did it start?~

It all started with the Celts and the Germanics. For them, Mistletoe was a sacred plant that stood for fertility and was thought of as an aphrodisiac. The plant played an important role in their magical fertility rituals. They decorated churches with them and everything. There was even a special "Mistletoe Service" in the winter, where criminals and people who had committed sins were forgiven.

~But why kiss under the Mistletoe?~

The mysterious ritual, the legend, the exquisite, sometimes sensuous (If you believe in Rom-Coms that is) tradition of kissing under the Mistletoe stems from somewhere of course…
We now know that the wee Mistletoe twig is important, but why do we kiss each other when we find ourselves underneath it?

Well, exactly thát started apparently in Scandinavia in the times of the Druids. The Mistletoe was the symbol of love, but also peace.
And that meant, among other things, that if enemies found themselves under the Mistletoe in the forest, they had to lay down their weapons for 1 day and thus hold a ceasefire. A kinda "kiss and make up" -thing, a short, but sweet one…
So that was sort of the start of the lovey-dovey stuff concerning the Mistletoe.

Over time, Mistletoe was hung from the ceiling around Christmas and also here, there was a 'smooch and make up'-thing happening under it; which translated to a kiss, kisses, a peck, or a make-out sesh.
It was therefore, next to all the other goodness oozing from the humble Mistletoe, a symbol of friendship and goodwill or, in short, the perfect Christmas vibe.

Once blown over to Great Britain, the tradition over there started with picking a berry off the Mistletoe before you were allowed to kiss the other. And when the berries were finished, no more kissing was allowed.
Of course, we are not that strict anymore these days; Berries or not, we just kiss to your heart's content, right?
And not just at Christmas.
And not just under the Mistletoe either…

Pucker those delightful lips, salve them with glory and enjoy every smooch to the fullest!

Merry Kiss-mas folks!


Images: Pinterest

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