~Mike Dargas

Worldwide celebrated German artist, the handsome Mike Dargas, paints these magnificent, ultra-realistic paintings of often feminine beauty...
In his youth would recreate paintings of the old masters with pastel and chalk on the pavement in front of the cathedral in his hometown, Cologne. Now a lot of his artwork is oozing sexiness, quite erotic, truly beautiful, more recently they are dripping with honey, chocolate, or other enticing liquids.

The thing is, the magic even, is that everything that needs to look like liquid, actually does look like liquid! And soft silky smooth skin, actually looks like hyper-realistic skin etc... 
You want to touch it, just to believe your eyes, just to make sure that it isn’t a photograph or a real person, but a divine oilpainting of a sensationally sensual subject, dipped and dripping in honey... 

Mike Dargas, this is a little ode to you, a little thank you for indulging the world with your fabulous, visual delectables...


Images: Pinterest 

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