Dress code for caviar de la nuit: mon chérie

Dress Code for Caviar de la Nuit: Mon Chérie
As the warm haze of summer gradually retreats, all eyes are set on the fall's enthralling soirees. If you've been waiting to flaunt your haute couture in the most luxe settings, the upcoming 'Caviar de la Nuit' event, Mon Chérie, is your haven. Situated in the enchanting heart of Antwerp, this venue promises an atmosphere of unity and romance, accented by a symphony of special memories in the making.
First things first: fashion faux pas at Mon Chérie is a no-go. The event has special dress code watchers who meticulously assess each attendee's ensemble. These guardians of glam have the authority to deny entry to anyone not adhering to the code. So, let's delve into what you should wear to effortlessly fit into this realm of "elegant sexiness."
For the Ladies
Ladies, it's time to indulge in luxurious, high-end lingerie that resonates with your own unique flavor of femininity. Whether you lean toward kink or cute, let your lingerie speak volumes—without crossing the line into fetish territory.
  • Approved Colors: Think classic black, enhanced by a touch of your personal favorite color.
  • Approved Fabrics: Options abound—from lace, silk, nylon, and tulle to more adventurous choices like lacquer, leather, and latex.
  • Shoe Code: Make a statement with elegant high heels. Flat shoes, boots, and sneakers are strictly off-limits.
  • Brand Suggestions: For a curated selection, Pleasurements offers a wide selection of Caviar de la Nuit approved brands: VoyeurX, Anoeses, Bordelle, Couture de Nuit, Fraulein Kink, Tisja Damen, Studio PIA and many more
For the Gents
Gentlemen, a well-tailored 2- or 3-piece suit is your ticket to the world of Caviar de la Nuit.
  • Approved Colors: Keep it classic with black or grey suits and shirts in black, grey, or white.
  • Accessory Game: Feel free to accessorize with a pouch, tie, bow, suspenders, or even a classy hat.
  • Footwear: Step in with elegant, neat men’s shoes—no sneakers or sporty loafers allowed.
  • Matching the Lady: Always, always make sure to coordinate your outfit with your female companion.
  • Brand Suggestions: Oger, Hugo Boss, and The Society Shop are some excellent starting points.
With an evening this exquisitely curated, falling short on the dress code would be an utter disappointment. Shop wisely, dress elegantly, and prepare for a night that celebrates love, community, and boundless sensuality.