On erotic lingerie inspired outerwear


Celebrate Yourself with Erotic Clothing

...In addition to all the chic erotic lingerie that we like to show off, we also want to look beautiful in our luxury ready-to-wear.
Whether that means that it's worn over your designer lingerie, or...maybe just on its own.
Either way, we like to make a statement with our clothing.
And being a femme fatale, we would like to show the rest of the world how incredibly sexy we are!
How about sublime sensual, luscious erotic clothing?
Celebrate yourself with luxurious layers...

Absolutely Feminine and Ultra Classy Sexy Clothing

You too are a Power-Woman and your body yearns to be seen...
Clothing in itself can give you a big boost of self-confidence and if you want to put your sex appeal even more in the spotlight with of course high-end, chic class, then you can let that shine delectably with the luxurious erotic clothing collections from Pleasurements.
In addition to erotic lingerie, Pleasurements also has magnificent luxury ready-to-wear from their own private label and brands such as Bordelle, Maison Close, Patrice Catanzaro, Escora, Ludique, Jolidon and many other amazing names...
Of course, Pleasurements always selects only the most delightful, stylish, most beautiful and sensual erotic clothing collections for you with meticulous care and passion!

Luxury erotic clothing is not only pure indulgence for your body, it gives you that Power-Woman allure with majestic sensual power...