Erotic luxury never felt so beautiful


You should all know a bit more about ultra foxy, sexy powerlady Betony Vernon. I mean...you REALLY, REALLY should! Betony Vernon is an American-born designer, sexual anthropologist and author based in Paris. And I am just briefly touching on her jewelry design aestatic here, which is just a teeny-weeny tip of the iceberg of her range of sensational skills.

Ravishingly chic erotic tools disguised as luxurious, breathtaking, beautiful jewelry... Oh! You defintely want to be seen with those! Absolutely no doubt about that...

The Double Sphere Massage Ring, Ben-Wa Chain Collier, the Why Knot Bracelet etc. are all things of sensuous alluring beauty. Secreting lusciousness, lavish fantasy-provoking multifunctionality, exuding luxury... These works of art will evoke you to show off your true kinky colours in the most gloriously gorgeous way.

Betony Vernon, it's hard, so hard, to not outright worship you...


Images: Betony Vernon Website