A great gatsby's night out


erotic party

Of course, you want a gloriously good fiësta, it's that time again, you yearn for a new erotic party!
And if at all possible, here in the Netherlands, please? Is Nijmegen good? Maybe in a castle?
Dudettes! Isn't that an unbelievable coincident…at least if you're fast, in a couple or a single woman…

Société X is organizing a fabulous Great Gatsby's party on November the 9th, 2019…filled with sexy intrigue, erotically stimulating, plush, luxurious, chic, and an (s)excellent roaring 20's vibe!
A lush party, absolutely sexy too, because everything that has to do with the Great Gatsby is naughty, trust me!
In the roaring 20's, alcohol was banned at some point (The prohibition) and if something is banned, we go underground and party to our hearts delight until dawn. Yes, with exactly that forbidden alcohol and sexy lust on the brain.

Erotic allure & blissfully exclusive, we love that…

Société X

Société X organizes an exclusive erotic party (at least) 3 times a year, with all the luxury and comfort you can imagine.
The venues? Castles! Castles are the preferred venues…
And if you want to become an exclusive member of this club, in addition to all their parties, members can also get to know one another better online and maybe get a little flirt on.

Please note, that a membership is only reserved for couples and single women.
There is also quite a strict selection procedure, so that there are only likeminded people in this highly exclusive club. This also helps to maintain the plush comfort and safety of this luxurious community.
Société X members are single pussycats and handsome couples, but no single men.

Be quick to sign up though, because the party in Nijmegen, in a castle, 'The Great Gatsby is already on November 9th…

erotic lingerie

The dress code for a party like the Great Gatsby is of course lingerie for the ladies. Erotic lingerie, luxury lingerie, strappy lingerie, something with sexy sassy pizzazz…
Of course you've got an idea when you think of the Great Gatsby in terms of details or accessories, but if you're still looking for something, you will find it at Pleasurements
Pleasurements loves to cater to you for when you're getting ready for an erotic party like this, with their array of exclusive lingerie. And in addition to the finest beautiful lingerie, Pleasurements is here to accessorize you to a stunning T too…



Images: Société X