An erotic story by m.


Close up

I tie the belt of the Athene robe by Coco de Mer.
A beautiful work of art in deep blue, made from silk and lace.
Underneath it, I wear the Athene bra, cheeky open cups with a sophisticated lace edge over the curve of my breasts.
And a matching open slip, equally wonderfully provocative. Only the lace robe is covering my bosom and tushy. Only just a little though.
I am wearing lovely thin stockings, sexy stay-ups in a subtle nude color. And high heels, of course.
Exactly how you want it.

In the meantime, you've already pushed the furniture aside, except for the low white design sofa.
You're holding the camera and look at me. Judgingly or approvingly? I don't know exactly what goes through your mind just now.
My heart is pounding while I anxiously await your instructions.

You point where I have to sit. You want me to cross my legs, and then again, but the other way around now.
My stockings softly slide over one another with a soft crackle. Too bad the camera does not record that sound.
You indicated that my robe is now allowed to fall open a bit, showing the curve of my breasts, not too much yet though.
On your cue, I stand up, sashay a few steps in my stiletto heels.
I stand still, turn my hip towards you. By hearing the camera click, I feel that you must like this position.

My almost naked bum, under the thin lace, my stockings and high heels have your full attention.
I loosen the belt of the robe, letting it fall open halfway. Letting my fingertips glide down the silk lapels.
You're now letting me fully reveal the beautiful open bra and my soft breasts.
With both hands, I slightly lift them, deliciously full and round. I can tell that the camera is capturing it.
I lean forward a little, show the camera a dramatically full cleavage in blue lace, while I pretend to pull up my left stocking slightly.

The robe is now off.
My natural bosom, the straps that stretch over my hips and buttocks, my nudity: the camera sees it all.

Now I can see what goes through your mind. You are now naked and you cannot hide your arousal behind that camera.
I lean forward, put a knee on the couch, look over my shoulder. A pose that pleases you, I notice.
You want me to sit down and I lower myself. You want me to spread my legs. A little further now.
I obey what you ask me to do. I show you the open crotch of my briefs, but I cover myself chastely with one hand.

You come closer, you've got a close-up in mind.
The camera sees the edges of my stockings, my naked skin, the blue of the silk briefs. My fingertips, my shiny nails.
I slowly take my hand away, showing the camera everything.

You finally put the camera away. You finally come to me, leaning up against me and without hesitation, you're suddenly deep inside me.
Your hands and your eyes enjoying everything that's round and soft on me, I feel your manhood inside me, big and hard.
I encourage you, yes take me, fuck me, cum…
Slowly I notice that you're losing control, over your breathing, over your restraint.
Over your strong hands that are sinking deep into my soft curves.
Suddenly there is that wave of heat that engulfs my entire body, making me dizzy, ever so blissful.
Through my delightful intoxication, I can feel that you're holding back, I feel that you're body is moving though. Then I hear the click of the camera.
When I open my eyes, I look straight into the lens. A long, deep sigh escapes me.
Your powerful loins are thrusting forward again and I feel you jolting uncontrollably, I feel you cumming, gloriously long.


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