An erotic story by m. ~lap dance~



As I open the classy box with the pink lace-up ribbon, I think back to that night not that long ago.
Thinking back to my insecurity and doubt, to his compliments.
The wonderful sex, standing in front of the mirror. Seeing his pleasure, feeling his fiery titillation.
For a moment the uncertainty about my body, about my natural bosom, completely melts away.
I quietly hum to myself: "You make me feel like a natural woman..."
Now that I have decided, I feel relieved.
I do know that I will still keep comparing myself to the lingerie models of my favorite webshop, the slim bodies, the firm bosoms.
But I also know that those beautiful women have their own insecurities despite their perfect figure.

No plastic surgery goings-on done to my body, my breasts...I notice that he is relieved too.
In recent days he has been complimenting me more often, he gives me extra attention.
And now he surprises me with this parcel containing:
The beautiful Bordelle Rey open bra, with broader and more narrow straps, with golden clips and fastenings.
Outrageously luxurious and delightfully nude.
With a thong, a beautiful suspender belt and matching garters. And a collar with a golden ring.
In the box is a card with a handwritten message. "Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections..."
I read it with a smile.

Now it's my turn to spoil him and show off the new luxury lingerie set.
I look forward to giving him a special performance tonight.
I whisper softly in his ear that I want him to take all his clothes off and make sure he is ready when I return. I go to the bedroom, undress and put on the beautiful lilac set.
I only leave the string in the box. I'll check tomorrow whether it fits...
I slip into my super-high beige Louboutins and I feel a thrilling tingling sensation pulling through me when I walk back to the living room.

The light is dimmed now; I hear soft jazzy background music. He is sitting in a comfortable chair, naked.
I can see he's not very aroused just yet - but it won't be long.
I walk towards him with my swaying hips, all my curves, and all my edges...
Despite the luxury lingerie I wear, I am almost naked, sassy and provocative. And that is exactly my intention.

I stand with my legs apart in front of him and slowly bend over so that my breasts are at their fullest and heavy.
He can watch, only watch. And yearn. I lightly touch his lips with mine, but I don't kiss him yet.
His breath is warm, his breathing more accelerated, a little rushed.
I slowly dance to the beat of the music.
I turn around, lower my naked bum to just above his crotch and rock my hips. I am careful not to touch his fast-growing erection.
Not just yet.

Then I turn around again and put one knee on the seat of the chair, near his crotch. I almost touched him there, so close.
I bend my upper body towards him, feel the frame and straps of the open bra tighten around my bosom.
To the rhythm of the music, I let my breasts loosely sway, right in front of his eager gaze.
I knead them with both hands, lift them and release them.
I teasingly lower a nipple towards his mouth, touch his lips for a moment and feel an aroused surge through my body.
He can hardly contain himself.

The tension is high enough now, also for me. I bend through my knees, I playfully kiss and lick his cock, then slowly take it into my mouth.
I let him relish it, taking it as far as I can in my mouth, wanting it all, hard and huge.
My hand vigorously glides up and down the shaft of his erect manhood, while I spoil him with my tongue and lips. His breathing indicates how aroused he already is.
When I notice he's almost there, I stop.
I hold my boobs together with both hands, lift them up. I encourage him as I take his penis between my breasts.
Natural, pure, warm and wonderfully soft.
I patiently indulge him, I see that his lusty member is still growing until he finally lets himself go.
Enjoying my perfect imperfections.


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