My Favorite Piece #1

Maison Close Inspiration Divine dress

My favorite lingerie dress... I simply love black. Mysterious, titillating. Black transparent mesh with a subtle polka dot pattern, and fine lace covering my cleavage and hips. Long transparent sleeves. The fabric is soft and stretchy; around my hips and belly it's a bit thicker and firmer. The dress fits me like a glove, and flatters my feminine curves. Short, but not too short: well above the knee, seductive but not vulgar.
The little dress is wonderfully sheer and hides nearly nothing. I could wear a simple black thong and a bra underneath, to make it less revealing and more wearable. With a subtle push-up my bosom looks fuller, and my cleavage deeper. Still, I think it looks so much more beautiful with nothing underneath: just the sheer elastic fabric stretching over my naked skin. It feels so much more daring. My breasts are deliciously natural, my bum is full and creamy under the thin transparent fabric that accentuates every movement of my curves. A second skin, like a shadow garnished with lace.
He loves to let his hands slide over the smooth fabric, to feel how tightly it fits my soft and feminine body. To enjoy the soft fullness of my breasts. A bit horny, he smacks my bottom, then slides up the dress, slowly, until my buttocks are partly bare, taking a generous handful.
Attached to the inside of the dress are suspender straps with gorgeous details: at the end of each strap, just above the clip, is a shiny golden cross. 'Inspiration Divine'. I can wear the dress with nothing but a pair of classic nylon stockings. Divinely, or rather: devilishly erotic... The straps are detachable, so that it can be worn without the stockings, but that would be a shame - a sin even, a sin against the divine inspiration that created this delightfully erotic little dress. Black stockings look perfect with it, they're absolutely essential: razor thin and shiny, for a pair of irresistible killer legs.
It's stylish and scandalously sexy at the same time, far too beautiful to be worn in my private boudoir only. Made to parade, in front of eager eyes and greedy hands, on a pair of towering high heels. Swaying hips, rustling stockings, my bosom dangling loosely under the soft and stretchy fabric. 
Well allright... I promise I'll wear it to that exciting party, in a few weeks, if he wants me to.  
If I dare.
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