A Story by M.
With both hands I carefully fasten the last suspender clip to the top of my stocking. Soon it will be time for us to leave for the theater together; a perfect opportunity to wear my spectacular new lingerie set. The Alta balconette bra and thong by Bordelle, in the fresh, summery color Lemon, look great with my already slightly tanned skin. I just attached a pair of Cervin Enola stockings in a beautiful, subtle skin tone to the Alta suspender. Beautiful classic nylon stockings with a delicate white line at the top of the welt. I step into a pair of beige pumps, feel the tension in my calves and buttocks as I stand on the sky-high heels. I'm still not sure what to wear out: a dashing loose dress, or a sexy pencil skirt with a tight blouse...?
He comes up behind me and I feel his warm body against my back, his arms around me. A hand slides under the thin fabric of my bra cup and embraces my soft breast. He kisses me tenderly on my neck. I feel a slight excitement in my stomach and I'm more in the mood for a relaxing night of lovemaking than watching a theater play... I pull down both cups of my bra, helping him to free my luscious breasts. I watch my natural bosom sag, at the mercy of gravity, his hands eagerly enjoying my full, soft curves. He whispers his excitement in my ear, I can only partly hear what he says: something about my gorgeous breasts, and that I don't need to wear a bra at all tonight. The sexy little compliment makes me smile. I turn around, only then do I see that he is completely naked.
My hand slides down, I take its most tender parts in my palm and squeeze them gently. His body reacts immediately, his abs tighten and I can see his excitement grow. I tease him down there with my hard, sharp nails. My hand encloses his fast-growing member and I make slow movements, feeling the whole length of his wonderfully large penis. My caresses make him even harder, I feel him warm and throbbing in my hand. I taste his lips, his tongue, enjoy a long, intense kiss.
Before we have to go he's all mine for a little while, this beautiful, strong, excited man. We lower ourselves onto the bed, him on his back, me half bent over him. My hand moves slowly and rhythmically up and down again as he admires the shape and fullness of my drooping breasts. My smooth stockinged leg slides along his bare leg, which feels harder and rougher. His whole body responds to my hand, my skin, the sight of my delicious curves. I take the time to let him enjoy, but make sure he doesn't lose control. Not yet.
On one of the bedside tables I notice a few oval mints with the letters FF printed in them. Suddenly I get a naughty idea... I take one in my mouth and after a few seconds I feel the warm glow in my mouth. I bend over, close my full lips around his beautiful erect member. Immediately I feel him tense all his muscles and take a deep breath in shock. Slowly I start sucking him, with the melting peppermint in my mouth. The heat spreads further through my throat, and apparently also to his hard manhood. His muscular body squirms, he sighs and moans as I let him enjoy with my tongue, my warm moist lips. He's so big and hard, I take him as deep as I can... His hands grab my hair, pushing my head down so I feel him even deeper in my throat. I notice that he won't be able to contain himself much longer, that he's going to lose control soon. I straighten up and watch him explode with pleasure, over and over again, his ecstasy never seeming to end.
When he finally calms down, I get up - but not to get dressed. That theater play will have to start without us... I'm still wearing my Bordelle bra; my deliciously heavy natural breasts are still half resting on the folded cups. I reach for the clasp on my back and undo it.

I smile at him and say, "You're right... I don't need a bra at all tonight."