Nothing but love for Berlin!
What a wonderful city and there is sooooo much to do, see, experience…
But yes, with so many choices, how do you stuff a sexy, beautiful Berlin experience in a few days?

With pleasure we would like to help you and suppress any pick and choose-stress.


Well, this hotel or one of the apartments will make your heart leap with euphoria, trust me!
They feature an abundance of luxury, you'll feel like royalty here, it exudes luxury and splendor from every nook and cranny.

We are talking about these ones:

~ The Provocateur Hotel: Plush, velvety soft but bold, ultra photogenic, super sexy, artsy, retro-chic vibe in a modern jacket with a burlesque-like decor…
For the lovers there's also a l'amour Package, to make it an unforgettable, beautifully romantic, exciting Berlin experience!

~ Or go for a high class apartment from the chic, decadent, Suite. 030: Modern, views to dream of, lush, nice and sleek but blending into sexy softness, grand, exclusive contemporary luxury. If you see the opportunity clean, then book the Monbijou Penthouse for example! With a delightful spacious roof terrace, jacuzzi, excellently equipped with all the luxury you desire…


You wake up, stretch yourself out, kiss, hug etc. and then it's time to explore Berlin!

But first stop; Breakfast.

~ Come to Roamers for a delightful experience. Enjoy the farm house - charm, rustic decor, country music, artisan food with a fistful of love as they say themselves…
It is a cash-only place and there is something for everyone, it will have you lick your fingers with gusto!

~ Or how about a petit déjeuner at Grosz Berlin? Cheer on your taste buds in their Coffee House in a magnificently chic setting with golden curly swirly details. Breathe in the scent of fresh pastries and enjoy…


After breakfast, you wandered around and sniffed some of Berlins culture and fanciness.
And then there is the moment to take care of your internal person again with delicious goodies.
It must be lunch time!

~ If you are in Berlin on Friday & Saturday, then you are in luck! Head over to Pauly Saal for a delicious lunch, from 12 to 14. For if you want a beautiful lunch, beautiful to the eye and extraordinary yummie to eat! But then in a chic way, you know what I mean?

~ Or treat yourself to a relaxed and tasty lunch at Le Bon; A touch of hipster, but in a blissful way. A nice relaxed atmosphere to enjoy their pancakes or their egg benedict…take your time!

~ If it's more Brunch time and it is a Saturday or Sunday (between 10 am and 2 pm), then you can go to Geist Im Glas, for magnificently cool and tasty snacks and a matching brunch cocktail! A wonderfully dandy, modern, unique hotspot.
(Further opening times are from 19 to 2)


You trekked about for a bit through gorgeous Berlin, you've refreshed yourself and are now fully prepared for the evening program and of course that starts with an excellent dinner…

What do you think of the following restaurants?

~ Heising is a sophisticated classic and their French kitchen is prepared for you with unsurpassed love. It's chic, comfortable, it has royal allure and exudes this with their delicious dishes, served on their KPM porcelain. Their gorgeously glorious porcelain, KPM porcelain has always been handcrafted, for over 250 years up to this day.

~ Or book a table at Ora Berlin for excellent food and drinks. This used to be a pharmacy and the old drawers and cabinets are still part of the tasteful decor, where they serve a delightful cuisine comprised of locally sourced ingredients. Together with beautifully coordinating wines, this place will give you a delicious experience that you wouldn't want to miss out on…


After your belly's wildest dreams came true, it's high time for an unforgetable night, full of cocktails and perhaps a cool kinky club?

~ If it's seriously cocktail time, then there are not many other places as serious about their cocktails than Becketts Kopf. Professors in the field of (the classic) cocktail, serve you with enthusiasm and panache. Book a spot and come enjoy your cocktail extravaganza.

~ Now deliciously well fuelled, you're so ready to dive into Berlin's nightlife and if you succeed in entering this place, then the infamous, sexy, hedonistic Berghain club is THE place to have your dance moves celebrate the most excellent techno music throbbing out of the very best speakers.

~ If you are more interested in theme parties and a delectable fusion of the theatrical, artistic decors, with all these colourful ornate corners, then Wilden Renate is for you. It's all a bit crazy, a bit of everything…a bit of everything you defo don' t want to miss when you're in Berlin! Dancing, music and enjoying a sexy melting pot of people…

~And then we also have the kinky Kitkatclub Berlin, if you want your sexual fantasies to come true, if great music and dancing is your thing, come and come again, wear your sexiest erotic lingerie, it's all allowed. A nice and moist little detail; there is even a swimming pool.

…Berlin, you really are ravishing and we'd love nothing more, but to visit you again soon!

Auf wiedersehen liebe leute.

With lots of love,
Berlin XXX

~ * ~

Images: sourced from the above sites

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