The day of love, Valentine's Day, an exciting day, will your love be answered or sealed?
Do you have an eye on someone and are you shy to say it out loud to him or her?
Then this is the time to let the person know, perhaps you sign your romantic expression of love with an anonymous, "From your Valentine".
Hearts, romance, words of love in all kinds of divine seductive forms, so exciting!

How did Valentine's day came to be, why do we celebrate this day?
That's actually not an easy one to explain, but to celebrate love is gloriously beautiful, no matter how you look at it!

One theory, why we celebrate Valentine's Day, arises from ancient Roman traditions and has a Christian influence…
First and foremost, Valentine or Valentinus was a popular name in the ancient Roman Empire. Concerning the background of Valentine's Day, the theory speaks of 3 Saint Valentines, one of whom was a priest.
Two of these holy men died on the same day, February 14th, in different years.
They found death by decapitation; yuk!

But what, among other things, this priest did, was for love, the love of other people and the love between people…
Covertly, he married people, completely hush hush.
Because, emperor Claudius II found that single men performed better as soldiers in wars and therefore young men were not allowed to marry.

Valentine (and one of the other 3 saint Valentines, a bishop, years later did this too) thought that the love between young lovers should be able to be sealed and unfortunately he was eventually punished.
Apparently Valentine fell in love with the daughter of his jailor, who visited him during his imprisonment.
And before he met his end, he wrote her a letter that ended with "From your Valentine"…

By the Middle Ages and because of the heroism of the Valentine described above, the romance, his sympathy for love and lovers, he became 1 of the most popular saints in the likes of England and France…

With lots of love,
From your Valentine

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