Goody Gucci

Ah! Fantastic! Autumn has made it's arrival overhere and it started of beautifully, with a lot of sun ... The sun's a bit lower in the sky now and it makes us squeeze our eyes, because the sun is making everything glisten like glitter. And when the autumn sun is this awesome, there is one thing we just "have" to do ... It's time to treat yourself to pair of stunning sunglasses to protect yourself ever so glamorously against the low autumn sun!

Big sunglasses are still a big thing, we see some more square models, but also super round ones and then we have the cat-eye models ... Hmmm, found it! We'll go for a glamtastic oversized square model. Toirtoiseshell is always a good idea and so is Gucci... The colors are reminiscent of autumn. And autumn is thinking of you and exactly these Gucci sunglasses.

It's time to completely relish it! Relish the earlier sunsets and see how everything looks so luxuriously plunged in a golden glow. Now you can experience them at its best, from behind your beautiful glamtastic Gucci sunglasses...


Images: Net A Porter

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