Do you ever get bored? bored with uuuhm bedroom antics, doing something playfully 'mischievely' together... Do you like a good, thrilling board game? What do you say? Old-fashioned? That's such drivel?!

It's not drivel, when you play the kind of board game that fires up the imagination, is deliciously stimulating & gets you to play out your fantasies ... A board game that playfully seduces you to learn about bondage and more BDSM. The Tie and Tease board game broadens your erotic horizons in a buttery smooth, tantalizing, but classy way ... There is really nothing tóó old-fashioned about playing games, please keep playing... with each other! Are you ready to Tie and Tease?

Pour some mood-setting drinks, dim the light, get some massage oil & candles. Yes! Candles... Open the box, if you dare and enjoy! Tie and Tease me please!

And tomorrow, when they ask you "what did you get up to last night?", you can only look at each other, blush a little & be totally incapable of suppressing any giggles and mischievous smiles ...

P.S. Don't forget the safe word!


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