In style with stockings


Christmas is over, but that doesn't mean all stockings have to get back in the closet. Because some stockings bring you pleasure and style the whole year. Like these sexy styles by Chantal Thomass. Believe us, with these stockings it will feel like a holiday everyday. Not only for you, but definitely for the ones that get to look at them...

1. Chantal Thomass Arlequin Stay Ups Black, € 45 2. Chantal Thomass Signature Hold Ups Black, € 28 3. Chantal Thomass Sock Garters Stay Ups Black, € 45 4. Chantal Thomass Seam & Heel Stay Ups Nude, € 23 5. Chantal Thomass Seam & Heel Stay Ups Black, € 23

Photo: Helmut Newton