James macari for treats! magazine

James Macari for Treats! Magazine
Words can't really describe this amazingly fabulous shoot by James Macari. Still, I will do my best and give it a try, as this is something I don't want you tom miss out on! James Macari photographed the ever so gorgeous Alyona Subbotina from Marylin Agency for Treats! Magazine. In my opinion this very sensual yet fashionable editorial stands for simplicity, raw sexiness, art and fashion. Michela Buratti who was responsible for the styling absolutely nailed the styling to perfection; simple yet breathtaking. Each and every garment or accessory is beautiful, absolutely an item I want to have in my closet. So two tubs up for the creative team and Treats! Magazine. A shoot that deserves just that extra little bit of attention and that I can't withhold from you.