Lio ibiza - a frivolous, frisky enchantment


It's summerholiday season, we jet of to exotic places, we're looking for parties, maybe some summerlovin', or just some sexcellent quality time with our (wo)man... We're looking for the non-mundane, for a delicious escape from the norm, we're looking for ultra sultriness, for sex and sex appeal... We wear as little as possible but for a healthy lush, sunkissed glow.

When your holiday destination is Ibiza, it won't be hard to find fantastically enticing, quite mischievous enjoyment at Lío Ibiza & you'll surely have that rather lewd afterparty in your hotelroom. Or just maybe, if the urge is just too uncontrollable, on your way to the hotelroom...

Lío Ibiza will enchant you with their naughty, fun, sexy, but ever so magically majestic cabaret - shows. The food is magnificently scrumptious, the cabaret - shows are totally lush & it will set the mood just right to get your ravishing pins onto the dancefloor in its club and rock your flauntsome tushy. Maybe you'll even be movin' & groovin' to the sultry tunes of Idris Elba...YES...THÉ IDRIS ELBA!

The overall sensuous vibes will surely make you forget about the time until dawn has dawn... You don't want to miss out on Lío! And everytime you think back to Lío, you'll feel a lusty flutter in your tummy and you can't do anything but smile a naughty smile...


Images : Lío Ibiza