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There’s a new kid on the block! As you might have noticed, we’ve added Maison Close to our brands - and the new arrivals by the luxury lingerie brand are just what we need this season. The pieces - that balance on the verge of lingerie and outerwear - are not only timeless classics, but you will also get the most out of them because you can wear them to dinner, to the club and of course in the boudoir.

Maison Close Maison Close was established by Monsieur Le Français, also known as Nicolas Busnel, in 2006. With an artistic background, Monsieur Le Français used the brand as a tool to express chic and erotic aesthetics. His goal was allowing women to reinvent themselves in his innovative and creative designs, drawing inspiration from various fields and persons, like Helmut Newton and Hans Feurer.

It’s all in de details Maison Close only opts for top of the bill materials for every collection. Only the highest quality chiffon, satin, and veils are used and also the finishing is made to match the sensuous designs. And if you’re a fan of corset style lace ups and sheer fabrics, this might just be the brand for you…

From day to night Ok, the Maison Close items might not be suited for occasions in broad day light, but paired with the right items they do make a great outfit for a gala, party, or a fancy dinner. Pencil skirts, fitted blazers and crisp white blouses are just a few items that go hand in hand with the bodies and dresses by the French luxury brand.

Some pieces however, are definitely more suited for night time… The Maison Close collection contains some racier pieces as well for the lovers of erotic lingerie, like ouvert slips and a cupless body.

Right in the middle We’re not only loving Maison Close’s designs, the prices are appealing as well. As Busnel explained to Lingerie Insight in 2014, “Maison Close was born from the desire to offer something new and different in the niche market of erotic lingerie, which, back then, was often either very pricey, or bottom range. We created a brand that offers women high-end seductive apparel while remaining at a reasonable price.”

Also, Maison Close is a firm believer in the technique ‘don’t change a winning team.’ “Maison Close’s customers are looking to find something unique, midway between lingerie and ready-to-wear, which has become somewhat of our specialty. And although we produce new collections every year, we can keep a collection running for several seasons if it continues to sell well. That is the case with one of our best selling lines, Villa Satine, on demand since 2009!”

Want to check out the designs for yourself? Shop all new arrivals by Maison Close here.

Photo by Maison Close