…So when we talked about kissing before, what's the first and foremost important thing about the awesome act?
The lips!

Okay, so lips…
Keeping in mind that the lips have the thinnest skin of your entire body, they of course need some care & pampering.
A lush scrub, for example, followed by an alluring, delightful color, which preferably stays in place and is resistant to a deliciously long kissing sesh.

Lots of kissing (and yes also sun or cold) can dry out your gorgeous lips and to combat this, you can make a super duper, amazing, sweet lipscrub.
In addition to a small dish and something to stir the scrubby substance with, you basically only need 3 ingredients;

~ 2 teaspoons of sugar ~

~ 1 teaspoon of coconut oil (or any other vegetable oil you prefer, like olive oil for instance) ~

~ 1 teaspoon of honey ~

Voilà, this is your scrub!

 ~> And if you'd like to slightly increase the volume of your sexy lips, you can add a pinch of cinnamon (or cayenne powder) to it.<~

So, have you managed to scrub your lips in the meantime?
Wonderful! Then it's high time for a lush color on your lovely, now even softer, supple, sexy lips and how cool would it be if it can withstand that long sultry kiss!

There are many, SOOO many long-lasting lipsticks and stains, but for now the limelight is on YSL.
We're talking about TATOUAGE COUTURE LIQUID MATTE LIP STAIN by Yves Saint Laurent, which is available in 28 rich colors.
It has an incredibly beautiful pigment, stays put for 8 hours without having to reapply, has a superb applicator, is lightweight (you don't even feel it's there!) And doesn't dry out.

Purrrfectly Kissable!


~ * ~

Images: YSL Beauty - site, Pinterest

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