The scent of the senses


I love being enveloped by a beautiful scent.

Often times we like to make an effort and take our sweet time dressing ourselves beautifully, starting with divine lingerie and then building it up layer by sumptuous layer, for those very special moments. We enjoy that, right? Don’t you all just love to add that last little sprinkling, that finishing touch? A little veil of a sensational perfume to entice the senses and lure the curiosity of others…

I personally love scents that are a bit different, that feels like it traveled from afar, perhaps oriental. I do like a bit of a fragrant sexy spice and something that can’t be guessed ‘at first smell’. I like a bit of mystery.

I love many perfumes, but I only just discovered a fragrance that has in fact been around for ages, I think it has all the notes for those more sultry moments. It has mystery, it actually has that ’je ne sais quoi’, it has Ooh la laah… I just veiled myself in Habit Rouge by Guerlain and yes, it’s actually a gents’ fragrance, but I never felt so womanly!

It’s a whiff of magic…


image sources: Pinterest, Guerlain