Bacardi rum, mintleaves, cane sugar, fresh lime, bubbling soda. Eyes on the horizon, waves kissing the golden Cuban shore. Let the sundrenched relaxation commence.

Looking to your left, beautiful people, glistening bodies. Looking to your right, in instant grab-reach, a handsome smile on the sunlounger. You bite your lip, a sexy glint in his eyes, looking you up and down. He whispers that he can't wait till your sunset-frolic in the dunes...

You clink your frosted glasses together, holding up your perfectly chilled Bacardi rum Mojitos. Smilingly, you show him the loveheart you just drew in the condensation. Lips around the rim, a nice big gulp...

While waves are kissing the golden Cuban shore, it's scrummy Bacardi rum Mojito's gallore...


Images: Pinterest

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