~Christmas tunes~

There are so very many…LOTS of X-mas songs that make a reappearance every year, filling our homes, the streets, the shops…
Most of them are of course quite angelic and many we merrily hum along with a bit of glee on our faces.
But are there any naughty, tantalizing, really sexy Christmas songs too?
YES! Yes, there are!

~Naughty Christmas songs~

…For example this song, "Baby, it's cold outside"; (maybe a bit creepy too actually, hohoho!) Were the quite obsessive man tries to make his love-interest stay.
And in the musical Neptune's Daughters' version (the original version of the song) this tune is a 'two-parter' were later in the song a woman is holding on to the man she is trying to get to stay actually.
It's not even originally a Christmas tune, but it's often played around Christmas.

Besides the above song, we've got some other sexy golden oldies, vintage-y ones, with that lovely mellow melt-itude, like the sensual sounding "Santa baby" and "Let's make Christmas merry, baby"…

And then you got the even quite naughtier tunes, songs in which ol' Saint Nick plays the lead role like a proper player!
Oh Santa Claus! You're a very wanted man!

~A very VERY naughty Christmas tune~

One of the more naughtier tunes is for example "I've Got A Present For Santa" by Sarah Taylor…put it on and swoon all the way!
I hope Santa Claus brings us his big North Pole too…

Here are the lyrics for ya to enjoy, gals!

I've got some presents for Santa
and he's got a big one for me
While outside it snows
I take off all my clothes
and wait for Santa underneath my tree

He squeezes into my hot chimney
where it's oh, so warm and tight
On the roof I hear his reindeer
I'm so very glad he came here
It's only once a year
but..what a night

Santa Claus takes a pause
from his long night of delivering
His big 'north pole'
can sure get cold
His jolly butt's all shivering

I offer Santa my 'cookies'
He loves to put them into his mouth
His long beard tickles
It gives me the giggles
He finishes his snack
and then flies South

Ooh! Santa! I love my present!
What else is in that big bag of yours?

Santa and I share a ciggie
and I help him back into his red suit
I know he has to go
He just says, "Ho Ho Ho"
I can't help it; he's so cute

I've got some presents for Santa
and he's got a big one for me
While outside it snows
I take off all my clothes
and wait for Santa
I take off all my clothes
I'm waiting for Santa
underneath my tree


Merry XXX-Mas,


Images: Pinterest

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