Ladies, Summer's officially here! That entails enjoying the beach, being on a luxurious yacht, on the water, in the cooling salty water of the sea or sparkling on the golden sand surrounded by palm trees…
And what do we do? We dress to impress of course!
A gorgeous bikini, a bit of bling bling, well glazed with a golden shimmer…
There you lie on the beach bed, or on the front deck…yes you've got your sunglasses on, but reading a sexy novel on your e-reader, your tablet, or managing your social media accounts is a bit more tricky due to the brightness of sun! Oh boy!

So…with this summer-heat, summer-hat it!

Girls, how wonderful is it that you now can, because it's ever so wonderfully luxurious and trendy…wear a "straw " hat! ( looks like straw, is straw, but can also be raffia, faux-raffia, or even a mix with paper etc.)
Maybe a floppy model, or do you like a sleeker, slick design?
Whatever your choice may be, go for it!
Gucci has been working it for you for example, or go for a floppy hat from Eugenia Kim or Etro
A hat is sexy, exudes sensual luxury and it's of course extremely practical…
(Now you can finally read that tantalizing, erotically tinted book all the way to the climax…I mean to the end ; ))

~ * ~

Images: Net a porter & Pinterest

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