The sweet seduction of amarante


We are talking 'Doces fálicos' here.... And in combination with these sweet, innocent sounding words, we are talking about a quaint little town in the north of Portugal called Amarante! When you translate 'Doces fálicos', it becomes apparant that we are talking about sweets, pastries, cakes in a quite elegant phallic shape. If that has kinda sunk in, you might think, Wait...What!?

Well, the tiny town of Amarante, however conservative, however staunchly catholic, has an interesting tradition and it concerns powdered- sugar-frosted, or cream-filled (ahum, yes! Cream-filled...) penis-shaped pastries & sweets.

And it's all in honour of Saint Gonçalo, the town’s eponymous patron saint.

The often doughnut-like pastry symbolizes fertility, good luck an fidelity. As a token of affection, the sweets are bought and gifted to young single women. Or the pastries are given to someone as a good luck charm.

So, when visiting Portugal for a wee holiday and you're looking to indulge and enrich yourself with some (culinary-) cultural quirkiness , head for Amarante and its sweet seduction called 'Doces fálicos'...


Images: Google Images