The thong-erotic story by m.


The Thong

We're away for the weekend in a bustling, a lovely city, just across the border.
We've been shopping all afternoon - well, I have been shopping, you had to approve my purchases - and then we have had a delicious meal.
Our luxury hotel room is almost like a honeymoon suite, with a separate parlor, a large bathroom, and a jacuzzi.
I'm tired, so are you. But we still have the whole evening ahead of us. We both decide to take a shower and then have a drink in the hotel bar on the ground floor of the large hall.
You already head that way and I'll join you when I've freshened and dressed up a bit.

Before we left, I quickly threw something tantalizing in my trolley.
A quarter cup bra by Maison Close, which makes my breasts look pretty natural and yet a little firmer underneath my tight top.
And a simple but very sexy black skirt: the back is made of transparent fabric, with a horizontal strap just below my buttocks.
I doubt if I bold enough to wear it, but nobody knows us here so…I drop the black thong back into my suitcase.
I do, however, put on a beautiful pair of black stay-ups. You love seeing my legs sheerly covered, sexily stockinged. And of course with high heels.

Moments later I am standing in the corridor, my back to the door of our hotel room. In front of me I see the spectacular, high central hall of the hotel.
If I take two steps forward I can look over the railing and see you sitting down there in the luxurious, very modern design-bar. There are hardly any other guests.
I get in the elevator, feeling a bit tense. The glass elevator glides down one of the sides of the central hall.
You look up, see me standing in the elevator. But you can't see what I'm wearing yet.
When the elevator doors slide open, I walk towards you. Bend me over, kiss you on your cheek.
"Another beer, darling?"

I turn around and walk towards the bar. I feel your eyes in my back. Your gaze trained on my almost naked, swaying buttocks.
I get a beer and a sweet white wine from the lady behind the bar.
I turn around and walk back. Now I feel her surprised look. And I see your eyes following all the movements of my curves and legs.

Before I sit down I turn around, allow you a close-up of my naked tushy under the thin, transparent fabric.
I see the excitement, the desire in your eyes. I lean forward, my mouth beside your cheek.
"…I think I forgot my thong upstairs…", I breathe in your ear.
"Then we have to go and get it…"

Our glasses remain half full when we head for the elevator together. You're right behind me. It takes the elevator forever to take us upstairs.
When the hotelroom door closes behind us, we can no longer resist ouselves. I feel your lower body against my tush, your hands find my full breasts, you biting my ear lobe…hard!
I pull up my tight skirt a little, I can hear you taking off your clothes. We're so aroused…We're relishing every sec, loudly, fast.

A few minutes later we're back in the glass elevator, which descends into the large hall again. Still a little heated, my hair a little wilder.
With an afterglow but not yet fully satisfied.
Semi-shocked, I look at you. "I left my thong upstairs again…" teasingly biting my bottom lip.
You smile, "Then we'll just have to go and get it, honey."


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