Ultimate luxury by rococo dessous, 24k gold lingerie

Ultimate luxury by Rococo Dessous, 24k gold lingerie
In the world of Pleasurements we want to celebrate the beauty of femininity in an elegant and very luxurious way. Especially exclusivity is what we love, this because we believe women deserve to be spoilt and pampered. Well did I come across something highly exclusive and absolutely stunning. Luxury lingerie in 24k gold. Yes, you read it correct, 24k gold luxury lingerie. This glorious idea comes from the prestigious luxury lingerie brand Rococo Dessous. For centuries gold and ultimate luxury go hand in hand. As a symbol of wealth and distinction, royal and imperial houses around the globe indulgenced themselves with gold. Not only with dazzling jewelry and mind-blowing house decorations but with their undergarments as well. Rococo Dessous was inspired by all this and designed their very first luxury lingerie collection with the world's first 24k gold thread. Each piece of luxury lingerie is produced from Swiss gold fabric, hand-stitched in New York, has a unique number and is specially made-to-order. The very first collection by Rococo Dessous is dedicated to the modern princess. Each lingerie garment carries the name of a gorgeous, powerful and very influential woman in the past. Think about Cleopatra, last pharaoh of Egypt, Tsarina of Russia, Alexandra, Francoise, second wife of Louis XIV and last but not least the infamous Marie Antoinette, wife of Louis XVI. Inspired by all this royal beauty? Well, Rococo Dessous also has a royal price tag. I think it's time to crack open your piggy bank. The prices of these delicate pieces by Rococo Dessous luxury lingerie vary from $3.000,- up to $6.000,-. Is this all a bit to extreme for you? I have a fitting solution for you. It isn't 24k gold, but it sure looks royal, luxurious and golden, luxury lingerie by Sonata lingerie, the Champagne Body and the String & Tassle Playsuit by Made by Niki.