~ Favorite Perfume ~

Suddenly it was discontinued, suddenly you couldn't get it anymore at your regular perfumery…your favorite perfume.
You are frantically trying to find that scent online, but darn it, it just didn't come up in the results and your search seemed in vain.

A scent with a beautiful memory, the sexiest alluring smell and while wearing it, you might have met the love of your life…
Or it was a memento of that wild, sultry vacation.

Where, oh where can you still find that perfume?

~ Perfumes of the past ~

In Haarlem (and Volendam as well), not far from Amsterdam, there is a possibility you could come across that favorite perfume of yours.
At 'Perfumes of the Past' they specialize in finding vintage perfumes, discontinued ones, perfumes that are almost no longer available.
They search the whole perfume-world looking for the very last batches of perfumes that are no longer made.
They will try to find that very, very, very last bottle, that last glimmer of hope to relive that beautiful memory…

So if you've already tried everything else to find your ultimate classic scent and your search was in vain, call or visit the 'Perfumes of the past' shop in Haarlem and who knows, you just might be surrounded by that wonderfully scented memory that you cherish so much…

"Perfumes of the past"
Gedempte Oude Gracht 75
2011 GM
The Netherlands

And if you want to know more about your favorite vintage perfume quickly, don't hesitate to call them:

0031 (0) 20-67 900 52
0031 (0) 65 592 0994

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Images: Perfumes of the past

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