Feijoa, possibly is the sexiest fruit ever. It oozes vitamines, is ambrosia for the palate and its fragrance is scrumptiously sensual... You want to cover yourself in its juices, roll around naked in its scent on top of your silky, infinitive thread - count, bed linen.... Yes you do, you do want to...

You want to hold it close to your heart, you want it to be your heart.. Always gushing healthy, scent-sational erotic sensuality... Find your Feijoa heart, find your way to it.

Without further ado, the brand that will make your heart pound harder, MAP OF THE HEART! RED HEART v.3 by MAP OF THE HEART, is a totally breathtaking tempation, an intoxicating, rousing fragrance in an anatomical heart-shaped red bottle,

...with a Feijoa heart...


Images: MAP OF THE HEART, Pleasurements, Google  Images, Pinterest

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