Welcome home my love

Welcome home my love
My love comes home from a week's holiday in Cote d’Azur with friends...
How I missed him. I’m so excited to see, smell and feel him again. Of course, we texted and called each other in between, but I was mainly busy with work and he was enjoying his time with friends. I saw photos coming by of beautiful trips, delicious food, finest champagnes, wines, and lots of laugh and love with his friends. In the meantime, I kept myself busy with my work, friends, sports, my dogs, and hobbies. But... started looking forward to our reunion too.

Their plan was to drive back on Saturday. The journey would take 16 hours, so I didn't expect him before midnight. However, he pleasantly surprised me on Friday by saying that he was already on his way back, so he could be with me again by Saturday, around dinner time. :)

He wasn't driving alone, so they made a stopover in Nancy. During the moments when he wasn't driving, we texted fervently back and forth. On practical matters, but also less 'practical.' Although... ;)

I slept very restlessly that Friday night. Every time I woke up, I hoped it was already Saturday. But it was first 1am, then 3am, and then 5am. Then I just got up to make the most of the day. I exercised, made our home and garden ready, bought the most gorgeous flowers, our favorite whiskey, shopped for a gift, and took a long bath and beautified myself. And then came the real challenge: What erotic lingerie shall I wear?

Not that I don't have anything, quite the opposite, but in which set do I feel most beautiful and know he will also find beautiful? It became this Bordelle see-through bra, strappy suspender and thong.
Because he is crazy about the color Morello, on me, and about see-through lingerie. I'm also very fond of this collection. It suits me well. It's incredibly sexy. But the soft mesh also makes it very comfortable... So I could secretly wear this erotic lingerie for hours under my long black LaDress. Okay, the Fendi pumps in the same morello color gave it away a bit. But that was a lovely tease.

He shared his location when he was nearby. So, I poured us the whiskey, put on orgasmic house music, lit the candles, turned the sticks from Baobab once more for a nice scent... And felt just like a teenager who couldn't wait until he was back!

He parked our SUV and I ran outside. A long, passionate kiss followed. The car was covered in mud, loaded with wine, champagne and luggage. But that had to wait. FIRST THINGS FIRST. It turned into a pleasurable long, melting weekend. We enjoyed, we laughed, we surrendered. Opened up. Telling each other how much we love each other. Over and over again.

His week with his friends was really good. But (t)his weekend was the best... Correction: OUR weekend. And another correction regarding my previous post: Yes, last Monday unexpectedly became the best evening of the week. I correct that to the best evening of the 'weekday'. ;)