Women rule the world!


It's International Women's Day today!
So here is to all the ladies, here is a little ode to you!
Yes, we know, we are paramount for this world, we've known this forever…
For one, none of us would be wandering this planet if it wasn't for us women, no human being would exist at all.

It's time for us to grab the whole world by its proverbial balls and shake it all up…for even more equality.
Gender- equality on the workfloor for example.
It's time to take the reigns, wear the pants (pretty ones of course!) and to be taken even more serious…

Time for us to ooze even more strength, be a little more amazonian maybe?
We can take initiatives and for example be the one that chats the other up.
We can rule the world.
We can rule the boudoir, just hand me that whip for a sec!

We can do it all, because we are extremely powerful, perfectly beautiful and deliciously intelligent & absolutely vital for the overall existence of Homo Sapiens worldwide.
We can do it, we can help to balance it all out and we can do this in many ways, but also of course in a powerfully, slightly Amazonian, but sexy way…

Need some alluring, but divinely dominating strappy armor?



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