To start of with: You are gorgeous in every way!
Yes you are!
Not everyone is always as confident about themselves as others and for the not so confident ones I would like you to sit in front of your mirror and look closely at your reflection.

Your reflection will smile back…
Look at your beautiful eyes, they are magical!
Look at your lips, blow yourself a kiss…
Form the sentence 'I am beautiful' with intend, focussing on every word, paying careful attention to your lips shaping the words.
And one more time.

Smile some more.
Slowly show your body to your mirror-image, see your beautiful shoulders, your lovely cleavage…
Adjust your posture, till you love what you see.
Again, compliment yourself.
You are gorgeous…
You are beautiful…

Now laugh and throw your head back a bit, elongating your neck
Deep breath in… and pout when you breath out, an audible exhale…
Smile, broader, show your teeth a little.
Feel the smile muscles' tension in your cheeks and try to hold that tension for as long as you can.
Smiling, plus seeing and telling yourself you are absolutely gorgeous WILL make you feel happier and more confident! (Scientifically proven).

Frame that happy confidence beautifully, hold on to that feeling throughout the day, with magnificent lingerie


Images: Pinterest

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