Ah and Ooh la laah, this is so wonderfully rousing…yes really!
Attractive…that sexual attraction, like (love) magnets, seductive, enticing…
But why? Why, or how's it possible, that one person is more attractive and lust-provoking than the other?
There are a number of other factors too, but it's all about the pheromones, babe!
And what are those delectable pheromones?

We have them all (just like in the animal kingdom) and it's a natural chemical substance (molecules that resemble hormones) that we excrete when sweating.
Pheromones are detected in the nose by a separate, its very own, extra sense-system, even though it's invisible & almost odorless (so this is not what makes sweat smell).
It actually works mostly unconsciously and becomes noticeable through behavior in social situations in terms of approachability and sexual attraction…
Of course it does not work on All and Sundry (unless of course you've put your mind on this All or Sundry -person) & it's not that only by the power of pheromones everyone will throw themselves at your feet.

In a natural way, you're seductive on a primal level, sexy and arousing to another with your pheromones alone!
Anyway, to keep a continuous sweat going for the rest of your life, mwèh, we don't want to do that, right?
That's where synthetic pheromones can come in handy, or even perfumes with pheromones added, like the very exclusive Afrodite Extrait De Parfum by Tiziana Terenzi.

And so we can, despite being mainly sweatless, unless we having a lustful and passionfilled between-the-sheets…uhm…still have that primal undeniable attraction & ooze that raw sexiness…

Pheromonial! Don't you think?


Images: Pinterest

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