When London is still a bit of a stranger to you and you go there to sniff some culture, visiting the places and spots written about in the history books, just doing the tourist trappy kind of thing...what do you do about the in between moments, the ones that really make you fall in love with the NOW-London too? What do you do for Breakfast, (Late) Lunch, Afternoon tea and Diner? And after all that, I am sure you would like a wee cocktail!

Of course there are MANY, many... very many places to choose from, but just in case, here're some delightful ideas for those'in-betweenies':

Granger and Co Before exploring touristic London start off with a lovely breakfast to get you all perky, at the Chelsea Granger and Co - branch on 237 Pavilion Road... you'll just love to start your London-day, this way!

The Ivy After a good bit of wonderous wandering & snapshots, you might have worked up a little rumble in your tummy around lunch-time. Well, what excellent time to find out what all the fuzz is about when you head for The Ivy on 1-5 West Street! Just make sure to be wearing smart casual clothing pretty please.. after all, it's a bit of a luxury celebration.

Sketch It's fun, flamboyant and interactive, that just talking about the website! Which is such a cool work of art already! Put this place on your wishlist quick, or better yet, just go there straight and stay for a good while... For your afternoon tea, it'll be awesome to book a spot at Sketch on 9 Conduit Street.

Bob Bob Ricard A few more sights and then it is time for a lavish diner. Yes, you can actually 'Press for Champagne' at your table, cause every table is equipped with just such a button! They pour more champagne than any other restaurant in the United Kingdom. Dress elegantly and come and experience this delectable bit of glamorous London called Bob Bob Ricard on 1 Upper James St, Soho.

The Nightjar The night is still quite young and it's about that time...time for cocktails at a marvelous, superduper chill place called The Nightjar on 129 City Road. Make sure to get there when they've got these fantastic live bands on, playing their fine, magnificent tunes...

Aah London! It's such a pleasure to finally meet you for real...


Images : Sketch, Bob Bob Ricard, The Nightjar

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