~ An erotic story about purple lingerie by A. ~

…I woke up, flushed, my face wide with a satisfied smile.
It's a bit silly, I know, but I had this dream you see, a rather naughty one at that.
Details? Of course I'll give you all the sexy, purplelicious details I remember…

Purplelicious? Yes, well…let me elaborate on this first a little for ya'll.
It all started the night before, with Amalie, a divine purple lingerie collection by Coco de Mer…
I had this craving for new lingerie, I wanted it to be exclusive, purple, sexy, sensual, with lace & silk.
An online hunt commenced, I came across the Amalie collection by Coco de Mer in the Pleasurements' webshop, added it to my cart and paid accordingly.
With the prospect of the delivery, envisioning myself wearing it and feeling this exclusive lingerie against my skin, I fell asleep and was plunged into this dream…vivid, lucid, lush, purple, wet, erotic…

I was wearing the Amalie bodysuit, a gorgeous work of art, designed to perfection, the waxed lace was glinting in the dim, purplish boudoir light, the silk panels felt like a second 'barely there' skin…
I wasn't alone, I felt a warm manly hand gliding over my curves, then sliding the thin silky shoulder-straps off my shoulders, peeling down the Amalie bodysuit gently, revealing my bosom. His warm breath surrounded my nipple, which instantly hardened, pointing in the direction of his wet lips…
His tongue reached down, circling my areola slowly, followed by a warm moisture-rich kiss.
When he lifts up his head a little, my nipple was still connected with his lips by a glistening thread of his saliva…which evoked my whole body and brain wanting, desiring, lusting after so much more. Slowly he pulls down the Amalie bodysuit further, trailing my skin with kisses…down, down, down he goes…my gaze follows the purple lace and silk as more of my nakedness is revealed, following his head heading to my nether regions…
I am throbbing with anticipation (even thinking back to my dream now), engulfing me with utter lust.
My Coco de Mer is off now and for a moment he clutches it close, looks at it with admiration and smilingly drops it next to me with respect for this divinely refined purple masterpiece.

Then his lips and tongue find my pulsating little pleasure-dome…a moan escapes.
I am on the edge of my climax, when he retracts his head, my gaze veering to his rigid manhood, succulently shining in the purplish lit boudoir, I am ravenous and squirming my lowerbody towards his erect member, urging him to feed me…
He took a good hold of my hips, placing himself between my inviting loins and thrusted forward, deep…deeper, my begging moans loud now, in sync with his manly husky ones.

Faster and faster…he's picking up the pace, droplets of gleaming sweat dripping down, purplish steam rising from our interlocking bodies…
We're in glorious danger of combusting, there is no going back, there is no stopping the inevitable…we explode loudly and then he collapses on top of me.
I can feel our hearts thumping like crazy, breathing fast, he stays in me, still clenching his buttocks, making sure he gave me his all…
Oh he did! Did he ever…

Then I woke up, with that big huge satisfied smile on my face, groping myself down there for a sec, feeling a warm glow and aftershock rising up through my body.
I never got up so happy and all thanks to me having such a yearning for purple lingerie, for Amalie by Coco de Mer…
I hereby would love to thank Coco de Mer for my dream, a…uhm, well, yes, wet dream I will never forget!

I am now waiting on mister postman (Was it him I dreamt of? The postman is indeed quite hot actually! I'll never look at him the same again hahaha), waiting eagerly on my purplelicious exclusive lingerie delivery!


Images: Pinterest & Pleasurements

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