~erotic fiction of a slip dress~

I am Negligee, a slip dress, made from silk or satin, with on occasion a sexy lace trim…
I feel good on your skin, smooth with a light but lustrous shimmer.
Being your favorite slipdress, I just love to be worn by you.
Your designer nightwear, yours to wear, softly waving, curling, curving around your body…

I love the moments when you take me off too, when the boudoir is alive and rife with sexual tension.
Better still, I love when your lover removes me ever so gently, making you goose pimple from titillation all over, hardening your nipples…
In that moment all I can hope for is that he will not fling me, the slip dress, on the floor, but beside us on the bed, so I can watch how you two intertwine and mesh in each others arousal.

Yes, I confess; Me, Negligee the slipdress loves to watch.
So I watch him revealing her, who's body I was caressing and I see how he peels off his attire, unveiling his muscly flesh and proud, firm, glistening manhood…
I am there, right next to your bodies when he thrusts forward into you, clenching his buttocks, throwing his head back, his lips forming an Aaaah…
She clenches the sheets, she clenches her slipdress, her fist around my silky forms…
My embroidered lace trim rustling, moving by the motions of this greedy lovemaking-notion.

Going up in all her lust, she moans, droplets of sweat dripping from her beau on her tummy, puddling in her belly button.
She clutches me tighter and tighter, murmuring sounds of delight, then her crescendo oh-Oh-OOOH…
He's holding on to one of her hips, with the other hand he feels for a nipple, giving it a good squeeze, bending down surrounding it with his lips, his tongue flicks it, circles it, leaving it wet with saliva when he rises up again.

He's so close, close to the climax, his manly groan deep and husky…
His thrusts fast, faster, he's giving her his all.
She releases her firm grip on me and her fingers go down, down to her sweet little pink bulge, her clit, her rosebud and fondles it with vigor while in the throes of all this fervorous passion.
She's so close, close to the climax, her volume all the way up, ready to receive his volumes of lovejuice.
One more intense lunge and in sync they roar, a feminine howl harmonizing with a deep manly one.
Their bodies convulsing rhythmically, little aftershocks…mist rising from their bodies, sweat dripping, soaked-with-lust sheets, reveling, panting, kissing…

Yes, my name is Negligee the slipdress, designer nightwear, made of silk or satin, with on occasion a sexy lace trim…
And I admit I like to watch, I am a voyeur pur sang, just make sure that you don't drop me on the floor, I don't want to miss any action on your bed.

My lustful lady, it's about time you put me back on your body now, so you can feel my sensual smoothness again and I can feel your skin and afterglow against my cheeky, soft silk…

Yours truly and sumptuously so,
Your slip dress, Negligee


Images: Pinterest & Pleasurements

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