Quivering moist lips, upper and the very nether You handle a bristly plume, a titillating fluffy feather

Tickling me without mercy, till I cry with a giggle You've got my full body to squirm and wriggle

Tied to the bed, legs apart, you take off my gear I feel your warm breath in my neck so very near

My black laced blindfold might restrict my view But, oh, my lascivious senses are so alive with you

Teasing me with a tickle, a tingle and here and there a lick Your throbbing manhood finds its way inside me, oh heavenly thick

Our motions in full sync, drool & fluid dripping from above & way below We're on the edge, climax is near and our Ooh's and Aah's go full crescendo

Our bodies collapse, fully relaxed, glistening, dripping of moisture and sweat A trickle down the inside of my leg, you lick and lap it up before it hits our bed


Images: Pinterest & Pleasurements

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