Sundown, early spring, at that lavish party, I felt so sexy that night
Wearing an open bra, golden nipplets underneath a see-through dress
Out there, prancing around, fluttering eyelashes, nowhere to hide
Mingling with the good looking, the handsome, I am trying to impress

A new cosmopolitan pressed into my hand by a hot-to-trot masculine guy
Smoldering smile, a husky 'hi', intoxicating fragrance, so very close to me
Small-talk, closer, warm breath, fingering my hair, his advances I will not deny
He whispers in my ear, grabs my hand, on the move, I follow, he's holding a key

He unlocks the door to a private room, filled with plush, erotic setting, fully tantalizing
Hardening nipples pressing against pasties, goose pimples, his crotch area very taut
Off with all outer fabrics, dropped to ankles and floor, his manhood bouncing and rising
Removed hardware, nipples pointing, lips around them, all gooey inside, both so hot

Bend over the bed, presenting my tush, his fingers at the front, he fondles my pink swelling
Digits entering my wet orifice, plunging in and out, I swelter, time for the big one, the hard yin
He sucks his fingers, covered with my goo, then thrusts his hard-on forward, we're gelling
In and out, moans load, faster, deep and deeper, climax neigh, exploding, Oh heavenly sin!

With flushed cheeks, I awake, blanket high up between my naked loins, lower body rocking
Intensely horny, I grab my vulva, feeling my bits, my swollen mound, I convulse, panting
Penetrating my puss, with at least three fingers, twirling my clit, I yelp, my body cocking
Releasing my hot juices, gasping. Oh! that lewd dream I had, was so erotically enchanting…


images: Pleasurements & Pinterest

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