Plop, Plop, Plop, they all popped off
Flying around the boudoir with intent
It all started with a feisty bit of love
Then progressed fiercely, oh how it wént!

And yes, I brutely, fiery yanked at his shirt
Off with those fibers, off with that garment
Revealing his flesh, muscular torso, very pert
In that horny heat, the plops, ever so fervent

Scattered shirt-buttons on the wooden floor
While we fall, scatter and plop on the bed
Melting in each others' nudity even more
He slithers down to my loins and gives me head

I squirm and writhe, soaking wet with this tongue-bath
I moan, not holding back, I "O" my mouth big and loud
In that impatient erotic frenzy, he trails up the path
Nipples are teased and nibbled, they are standing proud

Up the way now, we entangle our greedy tongues
He then plunges in me with his engorged manhood
We make all the noise, the melody of sex-songs
Climbing to our climax and then there is the gooey-good

Drenched in sweat and love-juice we soak, reveling, we glimmer
Panting, glowing, a few pecks, cuddling, we then fall into a snooze
I awake, he's gone, but on the floor, I see the bits of shimmer
Oh what a man! And then I was left with the shirt-buttons blues…


Images: Pinterest

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