With a pounding heart I am standing in the middle of the empty rectangular space. A bare, dirty concrete floor, paint peeling off the walls. Unreadable graffiti, in bright colors. A few windows in the corner , the glass broken. An abandoned factory, probably. I feel the hard floor under my high heels. Right next to my feet, the dress that I just took off.

An hour ago I received an intriguing message. From him. Just his name on the screen of my phone caused a flurry of excitement in my lower abdomen.
He told me to come to this place and enter through the open side door. Take off my dress. And wait for him.
He likes this game. Me too. His instructions are always unexpected, mysterious, exciting.
And direct. He doesn't beat about the bush.

I am wearing my new Bordelle Renee Harness suspender brief, with sexy garters attached to it. The Renee open bra frames my lovely natural breasts.
I feel dressed, the bra and briefs are works of strappy art, of sturdy, tight fabric, golden rings and luxurious details.
At the same time, it feels cheeky and provocative, exposing my lower body and breasts. A very thrilling feeling.

Suddenly I hear him, right behind me. I feel his warmth, smell his tantalizing scent. His hand moving my loose hanging hair from my neck, his fingers caress my skin. His light touches send shockwaves through my body like electricity. His lips in my neck, a fleeting kiss, the moist warmth of his breath, briefly. Another shudder. I feel his body against my back and buttocks.

I am wearing gleaming golden bracelets on both my wrists. Jewelry with a sexy twist. I know he has the golden chain with which they can be attached to each other.
His strong hands force my arms down behind my back. I feel and hear that he is attaching the chain to my bracelets and my suspender.
The slightly uncomfortable position forces my shoulders back, my bosom forward. My full breasts rise and fall with my rushed breathing.

A warm hand on my lower abdomen, slowly sliding down, now between my legs. Letting his fingers do the exploring, fondling, spoiling me. I spread my legs a little further, inviting. My body glows, yearns, while his hand teasingly halts just before doing what I beg it to do. Behind my back, my handcuffed hands find his succulent rigid manhood. Large, warm and hard.
This abandoned, mysterious place, our secret encounter, my nakedness and his excitement is giving off an incredible erotic tension,
Hoarse from the electrifying titillation, I pant in his ear, I want him, here, now. His hands glide to my hips, I lean forward.
He takes me standing up, hard, rough, delicious.

The empty space echoes with my screams of pleasure. Standing upright, my long legs spread even more, a little shaky on my stiletto heels, I am gleefully panting now.
After a few seconds, I realize that I no longer feel him, I can't hear him either. I look around. The space is empty. Our sounds died away. I am alone.
I see my dress lying on the floor next to me and I want to pick it up.

Only then to discover that the gold bracelets are around my wrists, but still with its chain between them…


Images: Pinterest & Pleasurements

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