….Again he took a hold of his camera, moving it up to his face and captured me in my gorgeous Bordelle lingerie & stockings. Then he slowly put the camera aside and proceeded to approach me.

He didn’t come to a halt until I could feel his hot breath making my whole body vibrate. Moist lips touched mine with fire and I surrendered… I totally surrendered… I melted.

He slid down my bra-straps and stepped it all up a gear, his fiery kiss became more urging, while my bra came off with a couple of very smooth, subtle moves, and my panties were removed with sexy flair.

I wasn’t conscience of my Louboutins coming off, as my whole being was completely absorbed by other most delish sensations. It all came beautiful lingerie...except for my graceful stockings

He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist, he smoothed one hand down my right leg, zealously. He carried me to his bedroom and he laid me down on his sumptuous bed where he magically melted me into a sweet soft goo….

Breakfast is still a while away. My hunger for food replaced by utter hunger for this man, every delicious piece of him…

With Pleasure, Ms. P.

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