The Christmas and new year festivities have been over for a bit now. Most shops and boutiques have had or are having their final clearance sales of this season…

Of the last, I made verrrrry good use! Ooh boy! You should see my lingerie drawer now! Drawer!?!? It’s multiple drawers now! I purchased myself some true gems from many divine brands. I got a few treasures from Bordelle, a couple of beauts from Chantal Thomass, including the playful and sassy Musical Hall Bustier, to name just a few… I mean… that is literally only the very tip of iceberg.

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and I’ve got a hot date in mind and one of my newly purchased lingerie ensembles will defo go well with this occasion, hihihihi… The lucky person, was however oblivious of this fact until I called him. He is basically one of my more spontaneously sexier species from my ‘little notebook of delights’... his name is Therron. (We had it on in the broom closet of a restaurant,YUMMY!)

I called him and he picked up rather quickly. I could hear quite a bit of excitement is his lovely manly voice, like he was smiling from ear to ear… He told me as much…. he told me how happy he was to hear from me… I heard the background noises disappear at his end, he obviously removed himself from the crowd he was in, when he picked up the phone. “We could chat a bit more private now”, he said… He told me that he’s had a tough time not thinking of my sex body! I was hugely flattered and told him how high he is on my list of delectable delights. We further reminisced about our little broom closet special and that actually turned us quite on again! Let’s put it this way...My dreams will be lewd tonight!!

We did set our valentine’s day - date, of course on the 14th of February… And it just might last until the 15th or even later, hmmmmm! He’ll come over to my apartment to kickstart all our sexy shenanigans off…

Ooh, I think I’ll have an early night, I’ve got plenty of naughty material for a satisfyingly lascivious dream tonight and… I am so looking forward to seeing Therron in it…naked. zzzzzzzzz…..

With Pleasure, Ms. P.

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