It was New Year's Eve on our Kingsized bed.
Champagne sipping, sitting up, head to head.
His wet lips, his warm breath, kissing my neck.
Shirt undone, I indulge his chest with a moist peck.

My lipstick smudged, hair tousled, my tits are out.
His hand caressing its forms, making me breathe aloud.
It's quarter to 12, vigilly we keep an eye on the clock.
'Cause when it strikes, it's our time to interlock.

His manhood out, I fluff him up hard with my lips.
Pulling away, time isn't ripe yet for any trickly drips.
Tick-tock, 7 minutes, his fingers plugged in me, I heave.
Soon we will fill the room with fireworks this New Year's Eve.

Aroused, already on the edges of our climax we remain.
Taking a sip of cooling fizzy Champagne, the wait is insane!
We rub up against one another, his hard-on close to my puss.
Tick-tock, taking off my suspenders & putting away the booze.

1 minute to go, he now thrusts his hard erection inside me…
Holding back a bit, till the clock strikes, oh lord how horny are we!
He starts rocking, we moan, 20 seconds to go, we buck and we fuck.
We cum hard, we explode, scream it out, while it strikes 12 on the clock…


With love,


Images: Pinterest

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