I didn't care, I just wanted it…meat! Some man-meat…
I was craving it badly.
It so happens that there is a lavish party in the city; tickets only and I managed to get one of the very last ones.
There will be quite an eclectic bunch and mostly Champagne-and fancy whiskey-sippers.
The high-end of society and I was told there would be quite a few horny eligible bachelors -> Potential man-meat.
I have to say that I knew some of them quite well (and their meat) already and to be honest, they don't have my preference, they were just easy…

I stand in front of my wardrobe and drawers filled with the finest erotic lingerie wide open, trying to make up my mind on what to wear.
Let's start with the sexy lingerie, perhaps something ravishingly revealing, like an open bra and an open brief to go with it…
Straps, I want straps but also lush lace.

I dig through the drawer with my more recent erotic lingerie purchases and there it is, there's Bordelle's Wilde open bra in black and green.
I rummage around for the matching high waisted ouvert brief; found it!
This revealing, edgy open bra with its sexy, lacy Victorian vibe and high waisted ouvert brief is going to be the basis of my outfit…
It wasn't long until I found the perfect dress to wear over my erotic lingerie, the long Snap dress by Murmur.
I wear the dress quite open, with a deep dipping cleavage, showing off the gorgeous details of my lush open bra by Bordelle underneath.

I finish my attire off with a pair of towering high heels and after I done my make-up, I call the chauffeur…
~ Yes, I ordered a private driver, called Alex for the whole night, to make sure I get to the scene and back home without any trouble.~

I am getting a bit nervous now, I feel fluttering butterflies in my tummy and a bit of a crazy hot tingling feeling in and around the most sensitive pink bits of my body…
That's the anticipation of soon hopefully feeling a large engorged manhood between my legs that'll be lunging it deep inside me…that throbbing man-meat I so long for.

My phone is lighting up, it's an app from my driver telling me he has arrived…
I pick up my clutch from the sofa and pull on my thin coat and prance to the front door, smizing, glistening smile on my lips.
The driver is standing next to the car holding open the passenger door. Oh damn! He is incredibly handsome! And that tingle I felt earlier, develops into a wave of dreamy creamy feelings inside me when he greets me with a broad, sexy smile. I bite my bottom lip before huskily uttering; ' So, I've got you all night to myself then?'.
A naughty chuckle escapes him while he leans on the open passenger door, then he mouthes a 'yes, indeed', followed by a wink.
He gallantly helps me in the car, holding my hand and when it's just my tushy sticking out still, his warm hand glides to my waist and, I assume by accident, it trails off to my round bum. He didn't see or hear it, but his hand caused me to softly moan and send a warm rush of lustful goo, straight down to my nether-regions.
'Oh God! Behave already!' I think to myself…

When he slides in beside me, his gloved hand caressing the gear poke in a manly matter, he looks me up and down, then locks onto my eyes and asks what I am up to tonight, beaming that naughty smile.
I just decided to be candid with this guy, I giggle and while I flick my hair, I reply that I am on the hunt for man-meat.
He laughs, turns sideways to face me, arm now leaning on the back of his car seat, his fingers that hang there touch my hair, gently he curls a strand around his index finger, he bites his bottom lip and in a sexy, manly hoarse voice says that maybe he might be easy prey for me then.
'And maybe, just maybe, I don't need to go to that party across town after all', I reply…Hmmm…

I glance at his groin, his trousers tight around a growing bulge, he's hard already. I look down at my lap and notice that the clasps of my dress are nearly all undone and my ouvert brief is revealing nearly all. When I relax my thighs they part a bit and my pink naked crotch is fully on show. I hornily look up at the driver, I give him a nod and his leather-gloved hand finds its way to my throbbing little clit. A gloved finger then gently slides inside my now oozing wet orifice, followed by another. How far can I part my legs in this car?
My hand reaches for his groin, rubbing the big bulge. I quickly undo the button of his trousers, find the zipper and a shiny, big, fleshy, hard, fully erect penis bursts out (No underwear!). I stroke it, as he pushes it towards me. I think I am actually drooling now…
He releases my pussy from his leather-gloved fingers and leans in to kiss me, his tongue caressing mine, our mouth-juices spilling out across our lips and dribbling down the corners.

Agilely, he crawls over the poke to get to me, opens the rest of the clasps of my dress, pausing our kissing to look down at my free-jiggling round boobs in the frame of the open bra. With his wet mouth he tries to surround my boobs one by one, sucking on my nipples, giving them a little nibble, I moan…
He grabs them, kneads them, then lift his head up; a thread of saliva still briefly connects my nipple to his lips.
His hips are moving in motion of my hand stroking his big manhood, I can feel him clenching his firm bum when he shoves it forward.
With a swift motion, he drops my car seat down, I quickly take of his shirt, his vest top, while he kicks of his trousers…
He's now fully naked, hovering above me. With utter admiration, I glance at his body, muscular, well-toned, smooth skin.

He lunges forward, burrowing his throbbing big manhood into me, deep, deeper, thrusting faster and faster, moans escaping from our horny, hungry bodies.
I hold on to his damn fine buttocks, parting them a bit, noises of sheer pleasure becoming louder.
1 of my legs is up against the roof of the car to maintain some grip on this sexual frenzy, the other one is hanging off the dashboard…
We pick up speed, both on the verge of our climax when his still gloved hand finds my clit and rubs it till my body starts to shock and I explode onto his throbbing penis still deep inside me. A mere second after, he erupts and I can feel him filling me up with his hot gooey juice…

We pant in sync, droplets of sweet sweat fall onto my body with an inaudible sizzle. He remains inside me for a little longer, licks some saltiness of my boobs, before moving up and finding my lips again, resulting in one more very succulent, passionate kiss.

And then he whispers; 'So, you ordered me for the whole night, huh?'…


Images: Pinterest & Plesaurements

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