An Erotic Story by A.

Yes, we're all in this together...
And with all that Covid-stuff going on, we were by now working overtime on webshop-orders.
I was knees deep in the stockroom putting together the orders of the day to get send out.
Latex-gloved and masked, I worked alone just to make sure I -and everyone else- remain Corona-proof...
Living alone and keeping mainly to myself, I do however get myself tested every week and thank goodness I am still Covid-free!

Am I lonely? No, not at all! Highly erotic fantasies accompany me an awful lot, which keeps me fully entertained...
Also, I know the orders will be picked up a couple of times a day by a bit of handsome eye-candy and I cannot help but to look forward seeing him today!

Beep, beep... I hear his van pull up and his signature beep of the horn.
A minute later, there he is in the doorway of the shop.
I compliment him on his trendy, manly black facemask with a silky sheen and embroidered initials in gold.
He smiles, or even better, he smizes.
He asks how I am doing and I reply, "still covid-free", and throw him a cheeky wink.
"Excellent, so am I! I was tested yesterday and got the result back today".

He followed me to the stockroom and looked at all the erotic goods on the shelves, hanging up and on the tables where we pack the orders...
With his latex-gloved hands, he felt some of the materials of the erotic lingerie he walked past.
"Do you wear this erotic lingerie too? It's rather beautiful I have to say".
I reply that I sure do and elaborate on what I am wearing under my blouse and skirt today, which so happen to be one of the newest golden, sexy lingerie additions by Studio PIA, called Clea.
I go around the stock-room and point out what erotic lingerie ensemble I am talking about. He is very quiet for a bit and seemed mesmerized by the sight of this sexy ethical lingerie. Just to fill the silence I inform him in which sense this high-end lingerie in silk is sustainable and I see him nod with interest.
Then my eyes -I couldn't help it - veered to his denim-clad crotch and I swear I seen some movement against the fabric, which looked quite taut by now...

I move a bit more towards him and tell him that I am grateful to share a little break with him and I lower my facemask seeing we were both Covid-free anyway. He followed suit and his facemask was now only covering his chin. He smiled a sexy crooked one and I batted my eyelashes a bit and smiled a pretend-shy smile back at him. "How long is your break?", he asked, I replied I could take about an hour while I undid a couple of buttons of my blouse...
He gazed at me and I could see a more than ample amount of arousal in his green eyes. I moved even closer and loosened 2 more buttons of my blouse which revealed a lot more of my bosom and the erotic lingerie by Studio PIA. I showed him the 'cage open bra' framing my boobs gorgeously, with its half O ringed hardware in the center of the breasts highlighting pert, erect, and very nude nipples...
His pupils were fully dilated by now and his tight denims were on the verge of exploding. 
He stripped off his shirt and with my latex-gloved hands, I helped him undoing his jeans, slid down his boxers, exposing his hard handsome manhood which came bounding out at me, bouncing in front of my mouth...

I grabbed a hold of his glorious stiffness with a latex-clad hand, wrapped my lips around the tip and swirled my tongue round and round. He was thrusting his penis forward deeper into my mouth and heard him grunting enticed noises. Now that I made his manhood wet and slippery with my saliva, I pulled away, got up and moved to one of the packing tables and pulled up my skirt to expose my beckoning loins to him. My golden ouvert brief barely covered my wet front, but you could easily see that the bit of fabric had a round patch of moisture embellishing it...
I went to sit on the table and while doing so, it showed why these briefs are called ouvert or open briefs. It was an invitation for him to hurry over to me and when he got close enough that I could feel his warm breath on my lips, he kissed me hard and long, sucking me towards him as much as he possibly could. Then his latex-gloved hand plunged at least three fingers in me, up my vagina as deep as he could, up and down, faster and faster, I threw my head back, pulled my knees up, hooked my heels onto the edge of the table and moaned loudly!
He pulled his fingers back, and they shone wetly under the lights. He then put them in his mouth, sucking at his now sex-scented latex-gloved digits...

He helped my legs back to the ground, flipped me around, felt around for my clit with one hand and slid the other under my bra and grabbed one of my boobs, holding my nipple between his fingers. Then he thrusted his big, hard, shiny manhood in me with vigor, lunging in and out of my soaking wet orifice, getting my clit to swell to her absolute max, making me yelp with delight.
He picked up the pace and there was this in-sync crescendo of wails of utter pleasure. We were both on the very edge of our climax. 
He had a firm grip of me and I was holding on to the edge of the table with all my might when we felt that delicious warm wave cumming over us.
Before releasing me, he held that last thrust deep inside me, clenching his muscular buttocks, making sure he gave me his all...
He then collapsed onto my sweat-soaked back, we were panting loud, we could hear and feel each other's heartbeat thumping like we just ran a marathon. He turned me around, kissed me long and deep, trailing his latex-gloved hands over my curves, giving my tush a good feel and while I let my latex-gloved hands caress his muscular torso, we smiled a satisfied smile at each other...

"Let's do that again sometime. But for now, sandwich? Cup of coffee?"


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